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Hello to all my followers!

It is a new year and everyone always say “New Year, New Me”! It has been all over my newsfeed on facebook and when I checked my twitter that I don’t really use anymore, it was all over that as well. I don’t really like being on my Facebook during the holidays (ANY HOLIDAY) because people tend to get too excited and have to announce it to everyone, I’m gonna be honest now, at 12AM this morning I did send everyone in my text messages a happy new years text but that is only because it is expected. I don’t really mind sending a text because it is really not that big of a deal but when everyone start posting their “new years resolutions” every five minutes, I do tend to get annoyed. Most people who set goals for the new year usually don’t follow through on them. They keep pushing those resolutions until the next year rolls around. That is when they decide that they are “serious about that goal” all of a sudden. I try to stay away from making resolutions that I know I will give up ASAP!

I was checking out videos on my youtube channel just to see some funny videos. I use youtube as s source of entertainment. After browsing through some new videos I remembered that I had received an email from one of my subscriptions. So since I am a die hard fan of this particular vlogger (I think thats what you call them), I clicked his video and I must say that his video was very inspiring. He is a great human being and I would recommend anyone who watches youtube videos (which is almost virtually everyone) to subscribe to his channel. He will have laughing, crying, thinking, and go through every emotion that you could imagine. I am going to include his last video post that I can guarantee you that you will enjoy. Ok so I’m not gonna say that you will enjoy it but I did and I think you would too. It is a tear jerker so beware.

In the spirit of new years though, I did come up with my own resolution! Yay ! I am a normal person! LOL!!! But in all seriousness I did come up with a goal for myself. I am going to lose 20lbs within the year 2014! Ok so I know that a lot of people say that they want to lose weight every year BUT last year I managed to lose 20lbs and it only took me about 6 months even though I gave myself the whole year to do it. Now I know that i can do this and I know it is not going to be that hard because after losing my first 20lbs I had received such wonderful feedback from everyone (friends, family, professors, doctors, etc) that I want to keep it up. I will not disclose my weight to you guys because that is something personal but I will say that I do feel healthier even though i could lose more weight.

I hope that you all enjoy this new year and may it bring you success and all the things you want! Thank you for continuing to read my blog :)

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